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I was sitting around, thinking  today about how critical of a world that we live in.  We are criticized for what we wear, how we wear it and judged by everyone about it.

I am a unorthodocts kinda girl and if I like it I wear, despite what society thinks of me and how I wear my ensembles. Life is much to short to put so much infesis on what an individual does with “Their” life…….grow up people, and maybe, just maybe we could live in this world without stipulations.


{10/04/2009}   Growing Old

Today, I had a woman fall in my hotel and it was very scary. After falling and being very weak, she still told me what a wonderful person I was.

I cannot stop the aging process, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing that no one grew old. Since we do grow old, I can only hope that I have the strength and courage that the lady today had.

{09/30/2009}   Children

I have truly understood why I have abstained from having children, I can’t stand to hear children cry, and I hate the fact that mothers and/or fathers don’t do anything to discipline them….. I am not against having children, but I am against having bad children.

Children are a reflection of their parents, so that just tells me that either you were a bad child, or you are a bad adult…..shape up and fly right!

Today, I had a lady walk up to me and tell me that she spoke to a man, who happened to  be white, and he did not speak but ignored her.

I apologized to her, but my question is, why if something does not go our way we always turn to racism, of course it exists, but not in everyone and not all the time. I am a black woman and I have experienced prejudice and I have come to terms with it.

If we ever intend to prosper on this earth, we need to let go and let GOD.

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